• Basic ist best! Manchmal brauchen wir schlicht und auch einfach mal ein Shirt ohne Druck. Das Fuchs-Basic-Shirt ist Unisex und aus 100 % sanforisiertem Bio-Baumwolle Single-Jersey. Highlights: kurze Ärmel, Rundhalsausschnitt & normale Passform. 

    Basic Fuchs-Shirts Unisex

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      Once upon a time in a far far universe a king saw a flower with a beauty so powerful that the sun itself, which has seen so much, was astonished whenever it shines on the flower. When the flower lost it's blossoms, some flew to the ground and transformed into the most beautiful clothes and accessoires. This was the beginning of VEROIKON & ECOSTORIES, two design oriented sustainable fashion brands from south Germany.

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