Hochwertig, minimalistisch, limitiert & handgefertigt in Süddeutschland: Ecostories sind individuelle Lieblingsteile, die zu 100% transparent und in kleinen Auflagen in Ravensburg produziert werden. Wir lieben was wir tun: Mit jedem “Kapitel” Ecostories schlägt unser Herz höher; mit Freude an unserem Handwerk, hochwertigen Naturmaterialien und Stofflichkeiten und unserer Liebe zur Kunst, Architektur, zu Design und der Natur.

Beauty in simplicity and value to the product. Ecostories produces 100% transparently and in small editions in Ravensburg. We aim to design that is independent of Fashion and Trends. We think more is less and still love to celebrate architectural elements or natural colors. 

​Buying less and seeking quality is our way understanding the future. It rises respect for human work and planets resources. We think Ecostories can make the world a bit more colorful. We want to make a difference by encouraging timeless, longlasting design that challenges fashion. We focus on a minimal design, high quality and an extended wearability. 

With love the best stories begin.  ECOSTORIES. 

Once upon a time in a far far universe a king saw a flower with a beauty so powerful that the sun itself, which has seen so much, was astonished whenever it shines on the flower. When the flower lost it's blossoms, some flew to the ground and transformed into the most beautiful clothes and accessoires. This was the beginning of VEROIKON & ECOSTORIES, two design oriented sustainable fashion brands from south Germany.

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